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Welcome to Les vergers Boiron website

Welcome to Les vergers Boiron website

I am proud to invite you to visit our site and discover Les vergers Boiron, a family adventure established in 1942.

My grandfather founded an initial fruit trading business in Paris, then my father, in the early seventies, launched the first processed and frozen fruit, sold in the form of purees to meet the requirements of pastry chefs.

Our fruit and vegetables are selected from the best producing areas, harvested at maturity, processed using adapted technology, then frozen to maintain all the original flavours. They are assembled by our experts according to methods inspired by champagne-making in order to guarantee the consistency of our products all year long.

Les vergers Boiron innovate day after day. We constantly work with new fruit and our packaging evolves for enhanced convenience. In 2011, we extended our know-how to vegetable purees - tomato, cucumber and red pepper - to satisfy the demands and fuel the creativity of pastry chefs, ice-cream makers, chocolate makers and confectioners who have trusted us for years but also chefs, caterers and bartenders. We passionately assist food professionals, offering high value-added products but also service and advice in more than 70 countries in 5 continents.

In 2009, Les vergers Boiron left the Rungis market, south of Paris, to move to a new site, in Valence, in the Rhône valley. It was obviously not a haphazard move. We are now located at the heart of one of the largest orchards in France, at the crossroads between many regional and international lines of communication. Our High Environmental Quality (HEQ) site - a first in our sector - illustrates the implementation of our responsible development policy in line with our values of respect and progress.

Alain Boiron,
President, Boiron Frères SAS

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