Discover 3 original vegetable purees

Discover 3 original vegetable purees

To vary your creativity, our range is extended with 3 new flavours.

Since our foundation, Les vergers Boiron have always focused on innovation.

In recent years, we have launched the Tomato, Red Pepper and Cucumber purees (in 2011), Bergamot, Yellow Pepper and Dark Red Plum purees (in 2013), along with our Lemon Grass and Ginger specialities.

This year we are proud to introduce 3 new intense flavours, resulting from our know-how, 3 original, easy-to-use vegetables, so you can change and enrich your creations as you want. Packaged in 1 kg containers, they are 100% natural, colouring-, preservative- and thickening-free.

100% green asparagus: find the distinctive and subtle taste of whole asparagus with its tips, its intense green colour, in a smooth and thick texture. You can use this vegetable, which is usually so difficult and long to prepare and requires fine sieving, more often in your recipes.

100% beetroot puree: it retains the authentic sweetness of the cooked vegetable and its ruby red hue that so marvellously colours dishes. This practical puree saves you having to work with very fibrous material which stains everything it touches. Its texture is smooth and creamy.

100% Butternut puree: Ah! The rounded taste of butternut, aka butternut squash, its balanced and harmonious flavour, delicious and bright colour... Our puree precisely preserves the characteristics of the fresh product, including its velvety texture so appreciated in cooking. And without having to cut and peel it, which is an often long and difficult process.

Cream of butternut soup, asparagus cream in a shot glass, beetroot sorbet... these new flavours offer endless possibilities for your recipes from the most simple to the most sophisticated.

To assist you in the taste and sensory exploration of these three vegetables, take advantage of free interactive flavour trees on  We have scientifically analysed green asparagus, beetroot and butternut to highlight flavour and aroma pairs that will guide your creativity.


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