Semi-candied fruit, a surprising concentration of flavours

Semi-candied fruit, a surprising concentration of flavours

Discover the flavour and soft yet crunchy texture of our new semi-candied fruit. They will magnify your inclusions and decorations.

Want to surprise? 

Discover our new semi-candied lemons and oranges. They are the result of new technology exclusive to Les vergers Boiron. 

Their characteristic? 

Citrus peel from the best ripe-picked fruit varieties are subjected to a very low temperature in their own juice. 

The result is fruitier small cubes that are less bitter and a lot less sweet than candied fruit. Their taste is powerful, typical of fresh citrus. Their texture is pleasant, both soft and slightly crunchy, and retains a natural colour and shine. 

As always with Les vergers Boiron products, their semi-candied fruit save you time, whether you are a pastry-chef, baker, ice-cream chocolate-maker or confectioner. And above all, even at high temperature, they produce no exudate and retain their original form and freshness. And when used at negative temperature, they retain a tender, tasty and easily-to-spoon out texture. 

In short, semi-candied lemons and oranges allow you to vary your inclusion or decoration applications, on your cakes, buns, sorbets or chocolates. Use without moderation...


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