Semi-candying: exclusive Les vergers Boiron technology

Semi-candying: exclusive Les vergers Boiron technology

We have filed the patent of a new process to obtain less sweet semi-candied fruit with exceptional flavour, which maintains the freshness of the original fruit. Here we reveal some of its secrets ...

The secrets of our exclusive semi-candying technology. 
We have invested our expertise to develop this invention. And we have protected it by filing a patent. Our new manufacturing semi-candying process promises to revolutionise the use of candied fruit. 

This new method avoids successive baths of increasing concentrations of sugar and obtains semi-candied products with a more intense fruity flavour. The process consists in immersing fruit in a bath of sugar and fruit pulp. These ingredients are mixed in a chamber under vacuum at lower temperatures than conventional candying. The result, compared with the traditional candying method: our semi-candied process provides less sweet fruit, at an intermediate humidity level, therefore softer, having kept all the flavour, colour, texture and vitamin-content of the fresh fruit. Our method also obtains a product with a stronger fruity flavour. Our semi-candied oranges' fibre content is higher than fresh orange or marmalade. And their vitamin content is close to that of fresh fruit and much higher than that of marmalade.

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