Floriane Brilhaut, Mélina Greiss and Cyndie Guillot have won over the jury!

Floriane Brilhaut, Mélina Greiss and Cyndie Guillot have won over the jury!

Gifted in the kitchen, eager and inquisitive, the three winners caused a buzz throughout the competition.

The members of the jury told Floriane Brilhaut that "we all want you on our team!"
The youngest of the winners, she nonetheless shows real maturity, as evidenced in her calm and open attitude. A BTS student at the Lycée de La Rochelle after a technical baccalauréat taken in Brittany, she has already worked in a creperie in Japan and a hotel resort in Brazil. For the final, she created a beautiful dish of crab, using Les vergers Boiron mango, bergamot and passion fruit purees. Her refreshing sweet and savoury recipe playing with textures, colours and volumes, particularly seduced the jury.

Cyndie Guillot, from Lyon, was lucky enough to debut at Paul Bocuse's restaurant, an initiation that consolidated her passion for gourmet food and exceptional products. Cyndie set herself some tremendous challenges for her recipe: achieving an 'orange turf & surf' monochrome solid, incorporating four ginger, passion fruit, bergamot and kalamansi purees and fruit coulis by Les vergers Boiron and combining classical and modern techniques. An explosion of flavours and textures based on haddock, scallops and chicken fillets. She is looking forward to perfecting her skills with the best and discovering other cuisines and ways of working.

Mélina Greiss has an incredible attitude! "I need ten lives to learn everything I want to learn." At the age of 20, Mélina speaks French, English, Arabic and Spanish and lived in Saudi Arabia before coming to study at the Lycée Paul Augier in Nice. Her presentation to the jury impressed it with her multi-sensory, multi-cultural, sweet and savoury foie gras-based dish including a very interesting combination of green apple puree and pepper ice cream, reflecting her taste for different cuisines, openness to others and sense of sharing. She would like tolerance and kindness to always win the day...

Very impressed and curious to meet Ferdy Debecker Bocuse de bronze in 1999 and the new President of the Bocuse d'Or Winners Association, Geir Skeie Bocuse d'Or in 2009 and Henrik Norström Bocuse d'Argent in 2001, our three young talents have lost nothing of their spontaneity and simplicity.

We look forward to reading their stories on their blog!

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