A range of 100%: who can top that?

A range of 100%: who can top that?

A range of 100% pure fruit, pure vegetable

zero added sugar, great potential to support your creativity

Without added sugar*, Les vergers Boiron 100% purees offer a limitless and easy to use range of applications.

* Contains naturally present sugars

No more washing, peeling, pitting, mixing or grinding. No waste. For professionals in the food sector, it is time saving, easy storage and better cost control. All fruit and vegetable purees are certified GMO-free, without ionisation, Halal and Kosher and suitable for various diets (vegetarian, vegan and coeliac).
For Sweet desserts, you are in control, as with fresh fruit, of the type and the quantity of sugar to be added to your sorbet, ganaches, desserts, creams...
For Savory dishes, 100% purees are true partners to sauces, soups, mousses and shot glasses. And new consumption styles: takeaway, catering range, snacking, salad bar, soup bar, etc.
For Beverage, the 100% range gives full freedom of expression to the talent of mixologists by offering conventional and unprecedented flavors, tastes and colors for original cocktails, mocktails and smoothies.