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«Châtaigne» or «marron» In the French language there are two words for the fruit - «chataigne» and marron» and there is much confusion as to what these names mean. In reality they are the same fruit, not to be mixed up with the horse chestnut so popular in school playgrounds and not at all edible! The distinction lie in the separation of the nut into several parts once the first skin has been peeled off. Varieties producing more than 12% of partitioned fruit are «chataignes» and the others are «marrons». The fruit are picked up once fallen on the ground, traditionally by hand, with a «fourcole» (traditional gripper) which opens the bur without pricking the hands even though, nowadays, the chestnuts are increasingly harvested in nets with a vacuum to collect them more quickly and avoid damaging the fruit on the ground.

Whole fruit and pieces

Based on specifications drawn up with our trusted partners, the fruits are meticulously sorted, pitted, destalked and hulled.

- Strict and rigorous selection for uncompromising quality.
- Controlled production sourcing for guaranteed food safety.

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