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A herbaceous plant from the Polygonaceae family. Cultivated and used in Asia since ancient times, it was then used as a tonic and laxative remedy. Its leaves are toxic, only the stalks (petioles) are eaten raw or cooked. It has only been cultivated in Europe since the sixteenth century and it was only consumed two centuries later for its gastronomic value.

Frozen puree

Product obtained with the edible parts of one or several types of fruits or vegetables, then sieved or finely chopped, without any notable concentration, with or without added sugar(s).

- A strict selection of ripe-picked fruits and vegetables in the best areas.
- Constant taste, color and texture guaranteed by blending techniques.
- Production methods adapted to each fruit and vegetable to maintain all their original qualities.

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Whole fruit and pieces

Based on specifications drawn up with our trusted partners, the fruits are meticulously sorted, pitted, destalked and hulled.

- Strict and rigorous selection for uncompromising quality.
- Controlled production sourcing for guaranteed food safety.

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