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It was very popular at court and became a symbol of wealth. This is why orangeries were built in palaces, as at Versailles. The orange was considered a luxury fruit until the mid-twentieth century. A popular children's Christmas gift, it would be eaten segment by segment. The orange is one of most consumed fruit in the world.

Concentrated preparation

Product obtained from the edible part of the blended, refined and purified fruit whose water content has been reduced through evaporation or any other process.

- A high dry matter content without added sugar(s): 100% fruit.
- Unique fruit taste thanks to a low temperature concentration process.
- The addition of essential oil enhances the balance of aromatic notes between fruit pulp and zest.

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It is a frozen preparation, obtained by concentrated juices and preserving at moderate temperature of citrus fruit peel in order to maintain the original organoleptic qualities of fresh fruit and the fruit's consistency.

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