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Cannelloni with horseradish cod flakes

A creation by Fabrice Brunet

Cannelloni with horseradish cod flakes

For 4 portions.

Beetroot cannelloni

Warm the beetroot and horseradish puree together then blend and sieve. Heat the beetroot juice, lime juice and agar-agar and cook for at least a minute. Spread over a clean baking sheet and smooth evenly using a spatula to create a fine layer of jelly. Leave to set then cut 4 rectangles of the same size to roll around your cod brandade.

Cod brandade

  • Les vergers Boiron 100% Lemon Puree - 3 g
  • Milk - 500 ml
  • Garlic - 10 g
  • Thyme - QS
  • Bay leaf - 1/2
  • Olive oil - 8 g
  • Potato puree cooked on a bed of coarse salt - 42 g
  • Skinless cod - 75 g
  • Cream - 42 g
  • Finely chopped white parts of spring onion - 4 g
Heat the milk with the garlic, thyme and bay leaf then remove from the heat and add the cod and cook it gently.  Remove the garlic from the milk, chop it and fry it in olive oil without browning. Then add the flaked cod and dry over the heat. 
Add the potato puree and the cream and mix together. Leave to cool slightly. Add the spring onion and lemon juice.  Leave in the refrigerator for at least two hours then, using film, shape 4 rolls the same size as the beetroot jelly.
Freeze for one hour then shape your cannelloni with the beetroot jelly.

Beetroot crystalline

Dry the puree over heat and mix. Make a syrup with the water and sugar. Cook the beetroot puree with the pectin then mix with the syrup. You need to obtain a very smooth dough. Spread thinly over a Silpat® and bake at 120° C for 15 min. Cut into the required shape.

Purple mustard and beetroot condiment

Dry the puree over heat and mix. Combine everything in a bowl and season. Keep in the refrigerator.


At the bottom of your plate, add the dried beetroot and horseradish puree bound with the pectin.
On top, add the beetroot and brandade cannelloni.
Delicately place the gently cooked flaked cod small sticks of chioggia beetroot, a few apple blossoms and a few leaves of basil cress® on top of the cannelloni.  
Behind this, place a quenelle of purple mustard and beetroot condiment and add a beetroot crystalline on top.