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Roquefort, green apple and black cherry tube

A creation by Traiteurs de France

Roquefort, green apple and black cherry tube

For 10 portions.

Black cherry jelly

Pour out the black cherry jelly into a 3 mm thick sheet having boiled the fruit puree and added 2g of agar agar.

Green apple jelly

Also bring the fruit puree to the boil and add 1 g of agar agar. Pour out the puree to obtain a thickness of about 1 cm.

Roquefort mousse

  • Single cream 35% - 250 g
  • Roquefort - 100 g
  • Gelatine sheets - 3
  • Green apple - 1
Melt the roquefort in 100g of cream then, once warmed through, add it to 150g of whipped cream, finely diced green apples and the soaked gelatine sheets. Line the tube-shaped moulds. Set at -23 ° C.


  • Edible flowers
Remove the foam from the tube moulds and roll the cylinders in the black cherry jelly to form a coat. Trim the ends to obtain a neat finish, decorate the cylinder with cut-out green apple skin, different sized cubes of apple jelly, cubes of roquefort and edible flowers.