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Blood orange and pisco cream

A creation by Dennis Middeldorp

Blood orange and pisco cream

For 4 portions.

Blood orange cream

Mix the blood orange puree with the egg yolks and sugar in a thermoblender at 85°C then gradually add the butter.
Then add the bloomed gelatine and pour into hemispherical moulds and put in the refrigerator.

Sweet sphere

  • Isomaltose - 1 kg
  • Red colouring (drops) - 10
Cook the isomaltose at 189°C.
Cool to 160°C, add the colouring then pour into round shapes of different sizes.
Roll the shapes around to get rid of excess sugar.

White beer espuma

Mix all the espuma ingredients together, excluding the binder.
Strain then slightly warm before adding the bloomed gelatine.
Measure out 10 cl of this mixture then pour it into a siphon and load a gas cartridge.
Measure another 10 cl of the same mixture then blend with the mint and the coriander.
Pour the strained preparation drop by drop into the liquid nitrogen.
Store the balls in the freezer.


  • White chocolate - 500 g
  • Cocoa butter - 250 g
  • Red colouring
Warm the velvet’s ingredients to 35°C.
Colour half and leave the rest neutral.


Spray the spheres. Fill a large sweet sphere with espuma and top with a hemisphere of blood orange cream.
Arrange the espuma pearls all around then lay out the other sweet spheres.


Pour the liquids and egg white into a shaker and shake without ice.
Add the ice-cubes and shake again.
Pour into a glass and garnish with the blood orange powder, cress and fennel.
Serve with the dessert.