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Crab ravioli, apricot jelly and sea herbs

A creation by Adam Handling

Crab ravioli, apricot jelly and sea herbs


  • Pinch Chives as required
  • Apricot puree to dress
  • Olive oil to dress
Boil the crab in a pot of heavily seasoned water for 12 min. Remove from the water and cool.
Pick the crab meat, removing the shells and add to a bowl.
Season with chopped chives, apricot puree to dress along with some good olive oil and salt. 

Apricot sheets

Bring the puree to the boil and add the agar. Pass and pour thinly on a silicon mat
It will set in 5 min, cut out with a round cutter

Add the discs like an open lasagne, adding the crab onto the discs.
Top with caviar and finish with some sea herbs and a good olive oil.

Photo: Tim Green