Apricot vanilla charlotte

Biscuit de Savoie

  • Flour T55 - 150 g
  • Corn flour - 150 g
  • Caster sugar - 300 g
  • Egg yolk - 375 g
  • Egg white - 375 g
In a mixing boil whip the egg yolk with half of the caster sugar into sabayon texture. On the side white the egg white with the other part of the caster sugar until soft meringue consistency. Mix both mix by hand and add the sieve flour and corn flour.
When the mix is ready pipe into baking tray the size and shape wanted and bake it for about 9 min at 180°C.

Apricot mousse

Soak the gelatine leaf about 15mn into cold water, in a mixing bawl whip the cream until soft peak. Warm the apricot puree to 40°C add the gelatine into it, whisk until it dissolve. Combine the meringue Italian to the puree, whisk it slowly then add the cream and whisk it until smooth. 

Photo: Tim Green 

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