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Pan fried foie gras, pear puree & pickles pear

A creation by Adam Handling

Pan fried foie gras, pear puree & pickles pear

  • Les vergers Boiron Ambient Pear Puree - 200 ml
  • Large slice of foie gras - 1
  • White wine vinegar - 60 ml
  • Salt – as required
  • Fresh pear slices – as required
  • Toasted hazelnuts – as required
Place a pan on the heat and make sure it is very hot. Score the foie and season with salt. In a dry pan, pan fry for 10/15 seconds ether side until golden brown. Mix both together to make a sour pear puree, reduce to make thick. Chill down and keep for plating.
Place the warm foie on the left side of the plate. Brush with the raw puree and place the sour pear puree to the right of the foie and top with hazelnuts. Place slices of fresh pear and serve.

Photo: Tim Green