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Sea salmon, blood orange beurre blanc & fennel salad

A creation by Adam Handling

Sea salmon, blood orange beurre blanc & fennel salad


  • Salmon - 80 g
In a hot pan, place the seasoned fish skin side down until cooked. Finish with a touch of butter.

Fennel salad

Shave the fennel and segment the orange. Mix all together and season with vinegar and juice to taste, depending on how sour you want it. 

Blood orange sauce

Reduce the vinegar in a small pot. Add the blood orange puree and reduce slightly. Remove from heat and blend in the butter. Season with salt and taste. If it needs more freshness add more blood orange puree.

Place the fennel salad in the middle of the bowl. On top add the hot salmon. Spoon the sauce around the fish. Garnish with soft herbs, whichever you like for example fennel fronds.

Suggestion: Sea trout can replace salmon.

Photo: Tim Green