Four new Les vergers Boiron flavours will delight chefs, cooks and caterers looking to expand the range of tastes, textures and colours they offer.

Yellow pepper puree is a concentration of sun and the Mediterranean. Intense in color, it offers an incredibly subtle yet sweet taste and fragrance. It will surprise you with its olfactory strength and easy use in soups, gazpacho, shot glasses and other specialities. It is a product that contrasts with red vegetables customarily used. Very rich in vitamin C, yellow pepper is one of the sweetest capsicum varieties. 

The Ginger specialty offers a sexy zing, with a slightly bitter and spicy taste.
These strong sensations will give energy to your exotic recipes and spice up traditional ones. Did you know that ginger was mentioned in several recipes for making stock, capon, etc. in the fourteenth century Viandier de Taillevent?

The Lemongrass specialty offers an original and bewitching range of flavors with very refined aromas. It tastes of lemongrass, sweet green peppercorn and fresh coriander.
This specialty goes well with other condiments, gives flavor to mousses, soups and creams and adds an Asian touch to terrines, canapés and dishes that are enhanced by its burst of flavor. Lemongrass has immeasurable virtues. It mainly comes from India and Sri Lanka and has an addictive familiar scent. 

Bergamot puree is a name that on its own conjures up visions of the Mediterranean. With its aromatic richness, delicious, slightly zesty flavor, it is a choice ingredient in delicate dishes. It is subtly used with seafood, other citrus fruit or fresh herbs. This puree is taken from a selection of various varieties and offers the best this seductive fruit has to offer. Mainly grown in Calabria, Italy, bergamot is synonymous with the Mediterranean, the sun and citrus fragrances.

Other new Les vergers Boiron products are ready to be discovered like the Grated Coconut specialty and Dark-red Plum puree which enrich the range of more than 60 flavors - red fruit, orchard fruit, tropical fruit, citrus fruit and vegetables - all to inspire your creativity. 

These are a high quality alternative to fresh fruit that save time, and offer flavor and cost consistency. Available in 480 g bottles or 1 kg trays, these Premium products are easy to defrost in a bain-marie (trays can also be defrosted in the micro-waves).

Ready-to-use, safe and with consistent taste and organoleptic qualities, they are the result of 40 years of unrivalled know-how and passion: 100% natural origin and free of all colorings, preservatives and thickeners. 


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